Specialized treatment for Incontinence and pelvic floor muscle disorders in Tehran-Iran

Specialized Treatment For Incontinence And Pelvic Floor Muscle Disorders In Tehran

?How to treat in Iran

With the benefit of international communication, this clinic has taken action on patient admission from neighboring countries

The steps of planning for admission include:

۲ – Mail us the patient’s passport photo and then, this center will consider attendance steps for the patient treatment through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will send the obtained report to the patient.

۱ – Initially, a very comprehensive visual counselling is carried out with the patient or her/his relatives through one of our experts concerning to disease, therapeutic approach and related costs.

۴ – financial transfers.

۵ – after patient arrival, all of following items which included in clinic commitments will be informed and implemented, as planned.

۴ – financial transfers.

۳ – If the attendance is verified, residence images will be sent for patient and after her/his confirmation, arrival date will be reserved. (The image of submitted ticket is a certification of date and reservation for patient attendance).

Transferring the patient and her/his relatives from airport to residence, treatment center and return.

Visiting picturesque places, places of entertainment, museums, stores.

Serving all meals.

Patient insurance and her/his relatives in attendance duration.

Treating the patient, supervision of remission process and presenting written reports.

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